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Gracie Diet

The Gracie Diet was created by Carlos Gracie, one of the founders of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, as a way to relieve his blinding migraines.

Its goal is to keep the pH of the meals the most neutral possible through an appropriate combination of substances that prevents blood acidity and fermentation, in order to facilitate the digestive process, thus reducing the energy consumption by the human body.

The practitioner of this diet should not mix one kind of cereal with other kind of cereal, not fat with sugar, nor any acidic food with other acidic food. Rice and beans, which is a traditional Brazilian dish, do not combine.

Three meals a day are recommended, four and a half hours apart with no snacks in between. Fruit, which represent half of the diet, should be consumed together with meals, not as snacks or desserts.

There are some restrictions, such as not consuming alcoholic beverages and pork. Other tips are drinking a glass of water immediately upon rising and another before going to sleep, and not eating red meat before a fight.

Below are listed the major groups of food with their respective combinations:

Foods that combine with each other and those of Group B
Squid Meat Clams
Octopus Fish eggs Fish
Lobster Bird eggs Shrimp
Fats and Oils
Butter and margarine Oil Olive oil
Walnuts Almonds Cashew nuts
Brazil nuts Dried coconut Wheat germ
Avocado Olives
Greens and vegetables
String beans Asparagus Chayote
Broccoli Watercress Fresh peas
Collard greens Beats Celery
Cauliflower Green mustard Eggplant
Okra Chicory Corn
Lettuce Artichoke Heart of palm
Cabbage Carrot Cucumber
Red vine spinach Red, green, yellow pepper Radish
Spinach Squash Mushroom
Pumpkin Endives Garlic
Onion Green beans Turnips

Foods that do not combine with each other
Rice Yams Dried lentils
Pasta Manioc flour Wheat and derivatives
Rye Dried corn Potato
Barley Farinaceous Sweet potato
Corn starch Manioc Lupine
Dried beans

Foods that combine with each other and one more from Group B, so long as they are not prepared with fat
Sweet lime Sugar apple Fried or cooked banana
Honey Melon Dried banana
Molasses Watermelon Muscatel grapes
Sugar in general Jackfruit Sugarcane juice
Yellow cheeses Apple* Fresh fig
Ricotta Prune* Date
Cream cheese Açaí Green coconut
Papaya Fresh cheese Pears
Persimmon Fresh white cheese Guava*

Note: Combining the fruits marked with an * is inadvisable.

These foods do not combine with each other or any other
Pineapple Acidic oranges Curds
Cashew fruit Mangaba Apricot
Tropical abricot Passion fruit Lime
Tangerine Strawberry Acidic prunes
Acidic apples Cherries Rasperries
Pomegranate Cherimoaya Acidic pears
Tamarind Acidic grapes

Compatible with:
Food from Group B Raw or crushed banana Egg yolks
All milk derivatives (except curds and yoghurt)
Incompatible with:
Food from Group A Avocado Oily fruits
Olives Sweets Sugar in general
Oil and fats Egg whites Any kind of meat

Compatible with:
Foods from Group B Raw or rushed banana Avocado
Pumpkin Egg yolk Cooked or fried apple
Milk and derivatives (except butter)
Incompatible with:
Greens Sweet fruit Apple juice
Oil and fats Egg whites Meats
Butter Curds and yoghurt
Reminder: Raw or cooked egg yolk, green coconut, coffee and an array of different teas are compatible with any food being neutral

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