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Fight Science

In the television program "Fight Science", first aired in January 2008 on National Geographic Channel, champions of various martial disciplines have had their skills (strength, speed, impact) measured through various high-tech equipments, including a Usd 150,000 government certified dummy with sensors at strategical locations (neck, chest, knee). The fighters also used sensors in their shoes to help analyze how the body records every attack.



Boxer Steve Petramale delivered about 993 pounds (435.6 kg) of impact force on the dummy's head, equivalent to an impact hammer, which enables to leave a person K.O. The sensors showed that the punching power originated in the feet and grew stronger as it went through the legs, hips and shoulders.

Other styles values:

Kung Fu 612 pounds
Karate 816 pounds
Taekwondo 917 pounds

   Kung Fu

Alex Huynh, a Wushu (Kung Fu style) practicionner, realized a punch with a speed of more than 40 feet (12.19 meters) per second, faster than a snake attack.

Most lethal:

Ninjutsu practitioner Glen Levy gave a hammerfist blow to the dummy's chest with a value of .8 scale in Viscous Criterion (a measurement of soft-tissue damage where .0 vc represents no damage and 1.0 vc means death). The compression of the ribcage into the chest cavity was measured as 2 inches, more powerful than a hammer or dense rubber bullets.


The strongest kick was given by Melchor Menor, a Muay Thai champion. He gave a knee kick below the rib cage, holding the dummy's head. He generated a power equivalent to an impact of a car at 35 mile / h (56.3 km / h) and realized a compression of 2 inches (5 cm) in the dummy's chest, that can cause internal injury and heart attack.

Other styles values:

Taekwondo Spinning back kick 1572 pounds (690,4 kgs)
Kung fu Flying double click 981 pounds (453,6kgs)
Karate Side kick 1023 pounds (453,6 kg)


Rickson Gracie, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champion, applied a neck lock between the skull and spinal cord of the dummy, applying a force of 600 pounds (272.16 kg), that is capable of paralyzing or killing a man.

The fastest reaction between perception and a strike came from a Taekwondo practicionner. It was measured at 0.18 second, two times faster than the click of a human eye.

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