Martial Arts do - the long way of the fighting styles


The uniform consists of an aikidogi and a hakama (wide black trousers usually worn by the more graduated).

Several defenses are executed against various types of attacks, including weapons like knife (tanto), sabre (ken), stick (jo) and wooden sword (bokken).

Reverence is practised in front of the kamiza (small wooden temple with a picture of Ueshiba) and between tori (defender) and uke (attacker) before and after each technique demonstration.

The training consists of tai sabaki (set of moves starting from a certain posture) and ukemi (rolling exercices to cushion falls).

Kamae designates in a general way the guard posture preceding a technique.

A basic Kamae is hanmi, which is a side guard posture.

Hanmi (a triangular ready posture) is usually done with the front foot pointing straight forward, while the back foot is at an angle of 90 to the front foot, leaving the body slightly sideways.

Kokyu designs breathing exercises along with the implementation of techniques.

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