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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


The competitions are held in a ring (64-100 m2), with an inner zone (the combat area with at least 36 m2) and an external zone (the security area). Both zones must have different colors.

The match is conducted by a central arbiter, along with a committee of arbitration. Draws are not foreseen. To get a score the practitioner must master an opponent for 3 seconds in the same position.

Scores values:

4 Mount Back taken
3 Passing the guard
2 Takedowns Sweeps Knee on the belly
1 Advantages
-1 Penalties

An advantage is considered when one competitor attempts but does not complete any of the fundamental moves (sweep, takedown, submission, etc...)

The uniforms can be of different colors (black, blue, white), but the pants and jackets must be of the same color.

The duration of the matches varies according to the age categories.

The championships are individual or per team (one team with seven players, five members and two reserves).

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