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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


One should unbalance the opponent with a takedown or by pulling guard. Then apply submission holds using joint locks or choke holds.

On the ground, is it possible to maximize force using mechanical strength. The body position can create a lever which allows to force a joint its usual range of motion with a minimum effort required. The principle of leverage is the basis of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Before performing any technique correctly, one should establish a dominant position on the ground.

This could be done by applying one of these positions:

  • Guard  –  the practitioner is on his back controlling an opponent with his legs.

  • Side control  –  the practitioner pins the opponent to the ground from the side of his body. The dominant grappler lays across the adversary with his weight applied to the opponent's chest.

  • Mount  –  the practitioner sits astride the opponent's chest, controlling him with his bodyweight and hips.

  • Back mount  –  the practitioner attaches to the back of the opponent by wrapping his legs around and hooking the adversary's thighs with his heels.

Some basic techniques commonly used:

  • Sweep  –  the practitioner, who is underneath, can hold his opponent in his legs and quickly unbalances him to the side, reversing the position.

  • Knee on the belly  –  the practitioner who is above the opponent puts his knee on his belly.

  • Passing the guard  –  when the practitioner gets over the opponent.

The self defense methods represent approximately two thirds of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques.

Basic positions
Mount Back Mount Guard Side control
Ground techniques
Locks techniques
Straight arm lock Straight arm lock application Straight arm lock aplication from the guard Kimura arm lock
Kimura arm lock from cross mount Spinning straight arm lock from the guard Cross mount arm lock Shoulder blade arm lock
Cross mount straight arm lock Ankle lock Foot lock
Chokes techniques
Choke from behind Front choke with blade of the arm Front choke with straight arm Cross mount choke
Nut-cracker choke Collar choke from behind Cross mount guillotine choke Collar and leg choke from beneath cross mount position
Escape techniques
Mounted position escape Headlock escape Slide headlock escape with frame Elbow escape
Side immobilization escape
Other techniques
Front cross mount bridge Bent arm Repositioning opponent in the guard Throw back from the guard
Passing the guard Sweep from the guard Sweep from the guard - Pushing Knee Throw forward from the guard
Neck crank from the mounted position Triangle
Defense or stand-up techniques
Techniques against knife, gun or other objects
Gun pointed at stomach GunTake-Away from the waistband Gun pointed at back Gun from behind
Overhead knife defense Underhand knife defense Knife attack from behind Knife attack from the side
Underhand knife defense Back hand knife attack Club defense Club defense from distance
Chair defense Swinging weapon defense
Techniques against chokes
Choke from behind pulling back defense Two-hand front choke against wall Two-hand front choke defense Two-Hand choke from behind
Two-hand front choke One-hand choke defense Choke from behind defense
Techniques against headlocks
Front headlock escape Headlock with punch Headlock bending down defense Headlock escape with frame
Headlock bending down with sitting back defense
Techniques against bear hugs
Bear hug over arms from behind Bear hug over arms Bear hug under arms Bear hug under arms from behind collar grab
Bear hug from behind over arms
Techniques against kicks
Front kick defense Front side kick Front kick to the chest Kick to the body
Techniques against collar grabs
Collar grab Collar grab with wrist twist Collar grab - thumb down Collar grab with stiff wrist
Straight arm collar grab
Other techniques
Hip throw Standing up in base Sitting back Front arm lock
Slide Guillotine choke applications Defense against the punch Two hands apart
Cross mount Elbow hit Tackle defense Shoulder grab
Escape from being pinned to the wall Hand chop Palm against chest defense Tackle defense (with knee hit)
Haymaker defense Shoulder grab with a straight arm Blade on neck High grip

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