Martial Arts do - the long way of the fighting styles


The training is held in a dojo with an uniform called karategi, a white dogi much lighter than the one used in Judo. During the kumite practice, the Karate practitioners (karateka) use rubber gloves to prevent injuries.

Some tools are used to train and strengthen hands, arms and feet:

Makiwara: a board of 1.30 m high by 10 cm wide and about 15 mm thick, wrapped with straw.
Sandobako: a bag containing sand and / or sawdust.
Sunatawara: a set of bamboos tethered.

A shout corresponding to deep exhalation (kiai) is used during the execution of an attack or defense technique. It serves:

to focus as much energy during the attack
to intimidate the opponent and may even prevent defense.

A seated meditation (zazen) is held at the beginning and end of the training session with the goal to unite body and mind.

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