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Kickboxing arts


Most of the styles of Kickboxing are not generally associated with a specific philosophy because they were created as a combat sport. The philosophy there is the cultivation of discipline.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai fighters practice a dance that is a pre-fight ritual, known as Ram Muay. The ritual aims to keep away evil spirits and seeks spiritual strength and protection for the respective combat.

Thai competitors usually use two lucky charms: the mongkon (crown) and kruang ruang (bracelet). Unlike mongkon, kruang is not removed after the Ram Muay and remains tied to the fighter's arm during the fighting.

The kru kru or yohk Khuen represents another ritual: when the instructor accepts the student, as well as when the student accepts the instructor to train him.

Traditional musical instruments are played together to set the pace of a match. There are double-sided drums (ta pong, glong kag), cymbals (ching) and Java flutes.

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