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Kickboxing arts


American Kickboxing

Kickboxing is considered a "four-point" system, as most Kickboxing systems will only use fists and feet. Strikes are allowed above the hip (excluding the back and back of the head). Attacks below the waist, grappling and the use of elbows are forbidden.

A kickboxer can practice a footwork similar to that of a boxer. However, when executing lower body strikes, he will shift his weight backward onto his rear leg to allow his leading leg to react more quickly to a kick or to execute faster kicking maneuvers.

Sudden pivoting and lead changes allow wider and more powerful movement of the knees and legs.

A list of some Kickboxing techniques:

Jab Cross Hook Uppercut
Short straight-punch Backfist Flying-punch Cross-counter
Overhand Bolo punch Half-hook Half-swing
Front kick Side kick Semi-circular kick Roundhouse kick
Hook kick Crescent kick Axe kick Back kick
Slipping Bobbing Blocking Covering up

Spinning versions of the back, side, hook and axe kicks can also be performed along with jumping versions of all kicks.

Muay Thai

It is an "eight-point" fighting system: Muay Thai fighters use fists, feet, knees and elbows to strike and also shin kicks and other kicks below the waist, as well as grabbing and clinching. While it has assimilited Boxing techniques, some of its own strikes such as the spinning backfist and cobra punch were kept. Strikes on the groin, back and back of the head are forbidden.

A list of some Muay Thai techniques:

Punches (Chok)
Jab Cross Hook Uppercut
Spinning backfist Cobra punch
Elbows (Ti Sok)
Elbow Slash Horizontal Elbow Uppercut Elbow Forward Elbow Thrust
Reverse Horizontal Elbow Spinning Elbow Double Elbow Chop Mid-Air Elbow Strike
Kicks (Te)
Straight Kick Roundhouse Kick Diagonal Kick Half-Shin, Half-Knee Kick
Reverse Roundhouse Kick Down Roundhouse Kick Axe Heel Kick Jump Kick
Step-Up Kick
Knees (Ti Khao)
Straight Knee Strike Diagonal Knee Strike Curving Knee Strike Horizontal Knee Strike
Knee Slap Knee Bomb Flying Knee Step-Up Knee Strike
Step-Up Kick
Foot-thrust (Thip)
Straight Foot-Thrust Sideways Foot-Thrust Reverse Foot-Thrust Slapping Foot-Thrust
Jumping Foot-Thrust


This fighting style is based on precision striking as the practitioner should hit with the tip of the shoe. There is a big emphasis on scoring with kicks rather than punches.

There are only four kinds of kicks authorized along with four kinds of punches allowed:

Fouetté Chassé Coup de pied bas Revers
Direct bras avant Direct bras arrière Crochet Uppercut

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