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Kickboxing arts


As in Boxing, there is a heavy focus on body conditioning (shadowboxing, rope jumping, abdominal exercises, use of punching bag and sparring).

American Kickboxing

The practitioners usually wear long trousers and are bare-chested (female kickboxers wear as sports bra and chest protector). A full protection includes 10oz boxing gloves, mouth-guard, groin-guard, foot and shin guards.


Competitors wear a coverall suit called 'intégrale' or a tanktop, a savate trouser, boxing gloves and specific savate shoes. Those shoes can be used to hit with the flat part, the toe or the heel. Sometimes a helmet can be added, like in junior competitions. Savate uses glove colours to indicate a fighter's level of proficiency.

Muay Thai

The standard ring equipment for a Thai practitioner is a pair of usually colorful shorts, groin guard, gum shield and gloves. The size of a ring varies from a small size of 20-feet (6.10 metres) to a large size of 24-feet (7.30 metres).

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