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Krav Maga


The philosophy of Krav Maga is the survival of the practitioner.

Its essence rests on seven Imi´s principles:

• First: a somewhat generic principle, i.e., prevention - to avoid being in dangerous situations. For example when hitch-hiking, to avoid unwholesome individuals; when walking, to avoid dangerous neighbourhoods.
• Second : Krav-Maga is based on the human body's natural reflexes.
• Third : to start from any position in which you are, to defend and attack along the shortest distance and to favor methods which involve minimum personal risk.
• Fourth : to attempt to discourage one's opponent verbally bearing in mind the actual situation, its requirements and the danger presented.
• Fifth : to attack the weak areas of the human body (eyes, throat) in order to strike or to subdue one's opponent.
• Sixth : to try to use any object within one's reach as well as the body's natural weapons.
• Seventh : the most realistic principle: no reserves, no boundaries as to the techniques employed, nothing is forbidden, all strikes are legitimate.

But according to its founder, it is fundamental to avoid confrontation and not to risk any lives.

Imi defended the universal principles of respect for others, modesty and urged to avoid the unjustified use of force:

"To master self-defence so well as to never have to kill anyone."

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