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Krav Maga


The blows of Krav Maga aim to use the force of the explosive movement in order to transfer the body weight to the opponent. Techniques targeting the vulnerable points of the body and maneuvers with simultaneous defenses and counter attacks are used.

The key principle of this fighting style is to finish a fight as quick as possible

The techniques defend against various types of agressions such as striking, kicking, grabbing, headlocking, choking and the use of bats, knives, guns and also in situations with more than one attacker.

In order to simplify fighting, only a small number of stances is included.

Krav Maga focuses mainly on efficient, low-risk kicks (although risky kicks are included).

Throws are not much covered because the goal is to stay off of the ground. However, groundfighting techniques are taught when there is no way to avoid such situation.

Neutral or passive stance Fighting stance Back position on the ground Side position on the ground
Bobbing and weaving
Straight punch Palm heel strike Eye strike Throat strike
Low punch Hammerfist Hammerfist to the back or side Vertical/horizontal elbow strikes (There are 7 elbow strikes)
Hook punch Uppercut Inside chop Outside chop
Mouth of hand Overhand punch
Groin kick Offensive front kick Round kick Knee strikes
Roundhouse knee strike Defensive front kick Side kick Back kick
Uppercut back kick Back and side kicks with a spin Heel kick Inside and outside slap kicks
Inward angle knee strike Axe kick Spinning heel and slap kicks Sweeping techniques
Switch kicks
Bear Hugs, Headlocks & Chokes
Defense against a rear bear hug Defense against a front bear hug Defense against a rear choke Defense against a front choke
Defense against a side choke Escape from a choke when an attacker is on top Escape from a full Nelson Defense against a headlock from behind
Defense against a headlock from the side
Blocking techniques
360 degree defenses Inside defense against a straight punch Straight punch defense with counterattacks Defenses against a hook punch
Defense against an uppercut Defenses against a front kick Defenses against a low round kick Defenses against 1-2 punches
Outside defenses against a straight punch Defenses against a high round kick Defenses against a heel kick Defense against a side kick
General defense against a high kick
Throws and takedowns
Cavaliers (wristlocks) One-/two-leg takedown Toe-pick Sacrifice throw
Hip throw One-arm shoulder throw
Ground fighting
Back position on the ground Side position on the ground Front kick from the ground Side kick from the ground
Round kick from the ground Getting up Stripping a foot grab Defenses against punches while mounted
Being choked while mounted Trap and roll while mounted Techniques to escape from a guard In a headlock while mounted
Arm bar Reversing a guard Being choked from the side In a headlock from the side
Side mount Straddled, with wrists pinned Triangle choke Guillotine
In a headlock from behind
Gun, knife and stick defenses

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