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Taekwondo uses movements that require a lot of flexibility, which facilitates greater mobility.

Unlike Karate-Do, a Taekwondo practitioner executes the techniques using mostly a high stance.

Inside WTF, the kick techniques represent 90% of the actions of a match. The techniques of attacks with the back leg, more powerful due to the rotating motion of the hip, represent also half of the matches techniques.

Counter-attacks with kicks are also very trained. They might be executed in anticipation, simultaneously, or after completion of a kick.


Taekwondo makes use of forms (or patterns), which are logical sequences of predetermined movements against imaginary opponents (as Kata in Karate-Do and Judo). They are known as 'Tuls' in ITF and 'Poomse' in WTF.

There is a great difference between Tuls and Poomse forms (the techniques and the way of performing them).

There are 24 Tuls created by Choi Hong Hi, each one got the name of some important person or concept in Korean history. The Tuls techniques start and finish in different positions and are executed using a sine-wave motion.

At the black belt level, there is an entirely different set of Poomse.

The terminology in ITF and WTF is completely different (both in English and Korean). There are 3500 ITF techniques named by Choi Hong Hi.

Here is the list of some techniques included in WTF.

Sogi Ap Sogi Ap Kobi Joochum Sogi
Dwi Kobi Moa Sogi Wen Sogi Oreun Sogi
Koa Sogi Bom Sogi Chariot Sogi Choonbi Sogi
Chagi Ap Chagi Yop Chagi Dolliyo Chagi
Dwi Chagi Horyo Chagi Ap Horyo Chagi Naeryo Chagi
An Chagi Bakat Chagi Mirro Chagi Ap Dolliyo Chagi
Bituereo Chagi Cha Jun Bal Chagi Twimeo Chagi Chagi Undong
Ap Cha Olligi
Maki Aree Maki Momtong Maki Olgool Maki
Palmok Maki An Palmok Maki Bakat Palmok Maki Sohn Nal Maki
An Sohn Nal Maki Bakat Sohn Nal Maki Ba Tang Sohn Maki Hechyo Maki
Eotgesreo Maki Owest Stanteel Maki Stanteel Maki Kawi Maki
Punches & Strikes
Jireugi Ap Jireugi Yop Jireugi Duebom Jireugi
Baro Jireugi Bandi Jireugi Jecheo Jireugi Teok Jireugi
Doong Chumok Me Chumok Bo Chumok Chigi
Palkup Chigi Pyong Sohn Keut Chigi Ba Tang Sohn Chigi An Jin Sohn Chigi
Sohn Nal Chigi Sohn Nal Mok Chigi Sohn Nal Doong Palmok Chigi
Pyojeot Chigi Mur Chigi Naeryo Chigi

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