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Wrestling arts


Ancient Olympic Games

Wrestling was the most popular organized sport in ancient Greece and was included in the pentathlon in Olympic Games.

One point was scored when a fighter touched the ground with his back, hip, shoulder, tapped out due to a submission hold or was forced out of the fighting area. Three points were necessary to win a match.

Modern Olympic Games

Rules and scoring are the same for Greco-Roman and Freestyle, except that only the use of the upper body is allowed against the opponent in Greco-Roman. Blows as punches, kicks, elbows or bottlenecks are prohibited.

Matches are disputed in 3 rounds of 2 minutes with 30 second intervals.

Mat is the name given to the place where the matches are held. The goal is to attain victory by applying a fall (or pin) over the opponent, by holding both shoulders on the mat simultaneously. Otherwise, the match is decided by points.

When a wrestler reaches ten points, the match is considered over.

The match is disputed inside a yellow circular area of 9 meters in diameter which is surrounded by a red band of 1.5 meters. The mat has a height between 0.5 and 1.1 meters. The moves that end up outside the yellow circle are valid on the condition they have begun inside this area. If a wrestler exposes his shoulders off the red band, the fight is stopped.

Match scoring

  • Takedown (1 to 5 points)  –  A control is obtained over the opponent on the mat from a neutral position (when the wrestler is on his feet). At least three points of contact should be controlled on the mat (two arms and one knee; two knees and one arm or the head; or two arms and the head).

  • Reversal (1 point)  –  A control is obtained over the opponent from a defensive position (when the wrestler is being controlled by his opponent).

  • Exposure, also called the Danger Position  –  The opponent's back is exposed to the mat for several seconds.

  • Penalty (1 or 2 points)  –  If the opponent takes an injury time-out, one point is granted unless the injured wrestler is bleeding.

  • Out-of-Bounds (1 point)  –  One point is awarded for the wrestler when his opponent places his foot in the protection area (thus stopping the match).

Weight categories (in kg)

There are 14 categories for men and 4 for women.

Greco-Roman Freestyle men Freestyle women
55 55 48
60 60 55
66 66 63
74 74 72
84 84
96 96
120 120

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